Corporate gifting

Looking for the perfect gift for your team members or clients? 

The products from The Gift Label are beautifully designed with happy labels that have a personal message. For example “You rock”, “Warm hug” or “Thank you”.

Get inspired by the variety of gifts on our website and find out which products are the best fit for your brand.


In case you are interested, we can help you with looking for the best offer. Please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
· what is the occasion

· how many gifts does it concern

· what kind of products are you looking for

· and what is your budget

We can gift wrap your chosen products and deliver them to the address of your choice. Including a personal greeting card, if you like.

Keep the giving going!
With love, The Gift Label



Say it with a gift! Smaller products with a personal message. Our lip balm tube and hand cream tube are designed in travel sizes to fit every bag. Soft lips and hands on the go!


You rock! Our vegan hand care smells like delicious kumquat & vanilla. Surprise someone for example with a hand soap and hand lotion. The happy labels and beautiful prints are fun to combine!


Spread a lovely scent in your home with The Gift Label’s scented candles. These candles are made of 100% essential soy oils and available in the scents jasmine vanilla, fresh cotton, and firewood. The candles come in two sizes: big and small tins.


Create beautiful sets with the body care products from The Gift Label. Use the scrub to renew the skin, start a shower party with our body wash or body foam, and nourish your skin with the body cream. All these products are vegan as well and they smell delicious! Enjoy!


Men can’t stay behind! The Gift Label has a delicious collection for him. Both body wash and body foam come in different prints, they are vegan, and smell like woody chypre.

Choose the products you want to create your own gift set. We’ll take care of the wrapping!

Body mist

A new product from The Gift Label to love: the body mist – mood booster. A delicious body mist available in five different scents. The mood booster fits your bag easily, take it everywhere you go! Want to learn more?

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