Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2023

We believe that The Gift Label has the power to change lives. Our brand essence is giving and giving back. The essence of giving is unconditional and never stops; giving and giving back is a loop of human kindness. With our products we would like to inspire others to give more, and we try to lead by example by giving whenever we can.
There is still so much to develop and improve, and we are 100% motivated to contribute to the essence of giving back. In this CSR report of 2023, you will find a couple of projects we contribute to or the environmental choices we made to produce in a more sustainable way. Let’s rock and continue doing our best.

Plastic bricks

Children are our future, and every child should have the right to education. However still 258 million children don’t have this while education can build a brighter future. The Gift label is proud to be an UNICEF’s Business Buddy and last year we supported a project called Plastic Brick. This project brings knowledge on how to convert plastic waste collected in Côte d’Ivoire into modular plastic bricks. The easy-to-assemble, durable, low-cost bricks will be used to build much needed classrooms in the West African country. This project is more than just a waste management and education infrastructure project; it is a functioning metaphor – the growing challenge of plastic waste turned into literal building blocks for a future generation of children.

Refugee organization

A project dear to our heart is Because We Carry. This organization acts according to the saying ‘less talk, more action’. On Lesbos, rotating teams of volunteers act to alleviate the ongoing human suffering of people arriving on their way to a safe haven. The teams help those arriving by handing out clothing, food, and other supplies. The organization also aims to bring joy and spark some hope and respect into this further desperate context. In April we joined forces with one of our much-appreciated clients Your Surprise. We donated 1748 hand soaps and lotion and 1584 baby care products, and Your Surprise helped us delivering everything in Lesbos. Hopefully it contributed a little bit to the magnificent work this organization has been doing the last couple of years.

Children’s cultural education

Another project that was worth giving to is Stichting Noordje and we were honoured to play a small part in it. This organization enables culture & art development and education for children in which they can develop in creativity. This will enlarge their self-assurance, self-awareness and stimulates them to become a team player. Stichting Noordje congregates children from all different kind of cultures, especially the ones that don’t get this sort of education at home and are behind in their linguistics. The organization inspires them to create a ‘Small World of Art’ all together. We as The Gift Label know giving can be done in so many ways. Giving a child the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe environment is something every child deserves. We donated gifts for the children to bring some joy into their lives.

Food aid

More than 1 million people live below the poverty line. The food bank helps 40.000 families with food aid every week and thus prevents food waste. During the Christmas holidays everyone should be able to celebrate life with friens & family. Let’s keep on giving especially to the ones who need it the most. Last December we donated gifts to contribute a festive vibe to the Christmas food packages. This gesture hopefully warmed their hearts or gave them the possibility to surprise someone else with a present. Giving should be anywhere for anyone, that’s the Christmas spirit.


We try to keep developing our products more and more sustainable. It’s a long way to a better future. In June we improved the jar of our salt scrub. We replaced the virgin plastic with 100% recycled plastic. Step by step we will find solutions that contribute to a better world for you, for us and for our planet.


Another big topic for our brand is to make sure our products are good for your body and for your mood. In September we eliminated PEG from our hand soap. When possible, it is better for your skin to use only products not containing this element. This way your skin will be excluded from unwanted substances, and it will stay moisturized. We only want to produce products that are good for you.

We invite you to participate in our brand essence by continuing to pass on. Feel welcome to contact us if you think we can join forces.

With love,
The Gift Label






Thanks to you, we make the world greener every day. We owe our lives to trees - it's true! Trees keep our air supply fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, provide food, shelter to our animal friends, and keep our waters clean.

Every tree is one we are grateful for. Together with you and our amazing partner Tree-nation, we plant trees to reduce our CO2 emissions. We aim to grow our TGL-Forest more and more each day. So thank you, together we create a better environment for the current, and future generations.

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