Hand care

Every day is a fresh start! Our vegan hand care products come with happy, funky labels that make you want to dance in the morning. Kick ass in the afternoon. And cuddle in the evening. Or maybe dance again! As long as you are happy, who cares!

  • Bottle 100% recycled

    Bottle 100% recycled

  • Made in Holland

    Made in Holland

  • 100% vegan

    100% vegan

  1. Hand lotion V2 - You rock
  2. Hand soap - Best mom
  3. Hand lotion V2 - Best mom
  4. Hand lotion V2 - Merci

Our hand care line has delicious products for your precious hands. Our hand soap and hand lotion are vegan and made in Holland. The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and come with happy labels. We have something for every occasion but also so much fun labels when you just want to do something sweet for someone. 

You can use this hand soap in your kitchen and bathroom, it looks so cute! The hand lotion is not only nuturing for your dry hands, it also smells really good like kumquat & bourbon vanilla. 

This hand care duo is available in a cute hand care gift set. And you can also mix-and-match our hand care products with other delicious product lines. Add a sweet greeting card with it and you will definitely surprise that favorite human!