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Create a cozy vibe at home with a wonderfully scented candle. The perfect addition to your interior.

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Big scented candle

This big tin scented candle smells so good that it spreads warm-loved feelings all around the house. Different scents are available such as Jasmine Vanilla, Fresh Cotton or Firewood. Besides the fact that you can choose a scent that you like, there is even more choice with this scented candle. Our fine, luxurious scented candles in tin doesn’t only smell very nice, but because of the cheerful labels they also look very nice. The different designs consist of a beautiful print and a catchy quote. The large candles are also very pleasant to combine with our small scented candles in tin or other nice products from our collection.

Order big scented candles

You can order these big scented candles on our website. We have tried to make a big scented candle that are sustainable and will last you a long time. These big scented candles have 68 burning hours, so you can use them all day and night long. The candles are vegan and consist of 100% essential soy oil and pure extracts. In this way, we try to create a candle that is good for you and for nature.

Scented candles: perfect gift

This scented candle is the perfect gift. You can gift this scented candle to someone special to you. The labels with catchy designs and quotes let you choose from different messages. By selecting the text that best suits the recipient, you make your gift even more personal. You can go for a single scented candle as a gift, or you can choose an entire home fragrance package. We have selected various home fragrance products for you in a scented candle gift package and put them together in a gift set or gift box. Match the different prints with each other or go for different designs.

Scented candles as personalized gift

You can therefore combine our different home fragrance products in all kinds of ways. Make a wonderful combination with these scented candles and other items, or choose one of the home fragrances packages. Treat yourself or someone else who deserves it with a scented candle gift in a festive package that is good for you and nature. Order a scented candle as a gift before 20:00 and have it delivered the next day. Or have the gift delivered directly to the recipient to surprise him or her. We will festively pack the product for you, and you can write a card with a nice message.

Candle big

Get cozy at home! Are you looking for an uplifting and endearing present that smells amazing? Stop looking, you found it! Create a comforting mood at home with our scented candles. The 100% soy-oil-based candles come in two different scents that will suit the occasion. Our jasmine vanilla scent brings cosy vibes and fresh cotton refreshes the whole house. The different designs and quotes will complete your home.

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