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Create a cozy home by lighting one or perhaps more of our big candle tins. The beautifully designed candles will have your place smell super delicious and put you in a good mood with uplifting quotes like You rock and You are awesome. These soy candles are available in the scents jasmine vanilla, fresh cotton, and firewood. Easy to mix and match with our small candle tins or other products. Let your light shine!

  • 100% essential soy oils

    100% essential soy oils

  • Pure extracts

    Pure extracts

  • 68 burning hours

    68 burning hours

  • 100% vegan

    100% vegan

  1. Candle big - You rock
  2. Candle big - Warm wishes
  3. Candle big - You are awesome
  4. Candle big - Big hug
  5. Make it complete with

    Candle small

  6. Candle big - Warm Hug
  7. The Gift Label-big candle tin-keep-shining-web packshot.jpg
    BUY 3 = PAY 2
    Candle big - Keep shining please
  8. Candle big - Hugs and kisses

Large scented candles in tin

Oh how we love our large scented candles in tin! If you are looking for cute candle decoration, you found us! These large scented candles last longer than scented tealight candles and have a bit of more bright light than scented beeswax candles. These scented candles that actually work are made with 100% essential soy oil and pure extracts. So no need to only use Christmas scented candles anymore.

Large scented candles in tin – the nicest decoration

Our large scented candles in tin have such fun labels and smell delicious. We think this combination makes them the best-scented candles! They are available in the scent Jasmin Vanilla and Fresh Cotton. The nicest decoration for in your house!

Gift your friend a personalised scented candles gift set

Gift your friend a personalised scented candles gift set. We created a beautiful scented candles gift set for you. Fun to give and fun to get! Or you can create your own gift box with one or two of our other lovely products.

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