We not only want the best for your body, but also for your hair. Take care of your hair with our vegan conditioner.

Natural conditioner

This natural conditioner gives your hair a vitamin boost. It contains macadamia oil and argon oil, as well as vitamin E and omega 6 and 9. The formula of these caring ingredients is essential for healthy hair. Besides that this natural conditioner is good for you, it also smells wonderful of Mandarin Musk. This natural conditioner can be perfectly combined with our nourishing and vegan shampoo. Not only do the designs match, the ingredients and scent do too. This way you can take care of your hair naturally and at the same time create an extra cheerful atmosphere in the shower. This natural conditioner and shampoo are also perfect as a caring and festive gift.

Natural hair conditioner

This natural hair conditioner is made with great care. This natural hair conditioner is milder for the scalp and ensures that your natural oil on the scalp remains intact. A good natural hair conditioner is therefore always a sulfate-free conditioner. The natural ingredients in our vegan conditioner help to keep your hair and scalp in balance.

Conditioner without sulfates

This natural conditioner without sulfates does not contain silicones and parabens. The conditioner without sulfates contains macadamia oil and argan oil to create naturally strong hair. A sulphate-free conditioner provides a natural shine and structure of the hair. If you are just starting out with a conditioner without sulfates, it takes some getting used to. Your hair may feel a bit dry at first, but after a few weeks, the hair is used to the natural care of the sulfate-free conditioner and doesn't want anything else. This conditioner without silicones is not only very good for the hair, the beautiful design in which it comes can also add something to the styling of your bathroom. The prints match our shampoo and other body care products. You can choose to match everything or go for different designs. Enjoy uplifting quotes on the labels in the shower. You can combine our different hair & body care products in all kinds of ways. Make a wonderful combination with this conditioner without sulfates and other items, or select one of the hair & body care packages. This way you have a nice set in your bathroom.

Vegan shampoo and conditioner

You can combine our different body care products in all kinds of ways. Make a delicious combination with this natural conditioner and our vegan shampoo, or choose one of the hair care gift sets. Treat yourself or someone else who deserves it with a natural conditioner that is good for you and nature. Order our hair care online and we will deliver it as soon as possible to you or, in case it is a gift, to the receiver. When ordering our hair care online, you can add a cute greeting card to your order and make the gift extra personal by writing a loving message on the card. We will festively gift wrap it for you, and you can even add confetti to your gift.


New in our collection: shampoo and conditioner. Give someone a fantastic hair day! This nourishing conditioner gives your hair a vitamin boost and makes it stronger. The natural ingredients like macadamia and Argan oil with vitamin E are essentials for healthy hair. Combine the conditioner with our new shampoo for the best result. The perfect gift to anyone who deserves shiny, strong, and beautiful hair. Also fun: the beautiful designs match our body care collection. Now your shower ritual is complete! ;-)

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