Do you have a question? We are here for you! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions you may have before or after placing an order.

· If I order something today, will I receive it tomorrow?
We ship everything that is ordered before 8 pm on Monday – Friday on the same day. Due to the current pressure on the postal companies, your package may take a few days longer to receive it.


· How can I track my order?
When your order has left our warehouse, you will receive an automatic e-mail from us, where you can track the package.


· I have several gifts in my shopping cart that I want to have individually wrapped, is that possible?
No, if you want to have multiple gifts wrapped separately, we recommend you to place separate orders. All gifts in one shopping cart are packed as 1 gift. Gift wraps mostly fit a maximum of 3 or 4 products, depending on the product.


· I want to order multiple personalized products, is that possible in 1 order?
No, we recommend that you place a new order for each personalized product.


· When do I not have to pay shipping costs?
For orders above €40, you pay no shipping costs within the Netherlands and Belgium.


· I have received my order, but not the correct products. What should I do?
Please send an e-mail to info@thegiftlabel.com with your order details.


· Do all hand soaps have the same scent?
Yes, the hand soap from The Gift Label has the same scent, only the design is different. Our hand care smells like kumquat & bourbon vanilla. This includes hand soap, hand lotion ultra-rich, and hand cream tube. *Special collections like High Summer and High Winter not included. The scent is always stated on the product page!


· Which products smell like mandarin musk?
Most of our body care products smell of mandarin musk. This includes body wash (tube), body foam, body cream, and body scrub. *Special collections like High Summer and High Winter not included. The scent is always stated on the product page!


· Do all products from the baby line have the same scent?
Yes, all baby products have the same scent. The scent is a combination of roses, lilacs, and sandalwood. Only the design and the label are different.


· Do candles, home sprays, and reed diffusers have different scents?
Yes, the available scents are listed under the product. Some products have more than one scent, while others don’t. This is because they are available in the newest scent pomelo & black pepper and in our older scents (which are most likely not coming back in the next collection). First, choose a fragrance before adding the product to your shopping cart.


· What’s in the We’ve got your back box?
This is a box of different products with a big discount. The products in the box are a surprise. P.s. This box has limited stock, so it’s not always available!


· I have a greeting card in my shopping cart, where do I add the message for the card?
Have you found a greeting card you like? First click on the card, this opens the page where you can enter a text. Before you put the greeting card in your shopping cart, there is a bar that says: “Write your message to put on the card here”.


· The order is a gift, is the invoice in the shipping box?
No, the invoice is not in the shipping box. You will receive a digital invoice from us at the e-mail address that you provided with the order.

· I think the dispenser is not working, am I doing something wrong?
Note: you must first press the dispenser slightly and then turn it. This will release the dispenser from the lock.

Is your question not on the list? Please contact our customer service via info@thegiftlabel.com. You will receive an answer as soon as possible! Our customer service is available from Monday – Friday from 9:00 – 5:30 pm (CET, CEST time zone)


Keep on giving!
With love, The Gift Label

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