Letter and number candles

Create your personal message with our letter and number candles. Get creative!

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Alphabet, numbers and lettercandles

Celebrating special occasions is always fun! Even more fun with our alphabet, numbers, and letter candles! Perfect for a birthday cake! You can spell the name of the birthday girl or boy with our alphabet candles from A-Z. Or use our number birthday candles to celebrate any birthday or anniversary!

All alphabet, numbers and lettercandles for your birthday

All alphabet, numbers, and letter candles for your birthday! And if you don't have something to celebrate, you can use these letter candle holders to decorate your home. Make it cozy in the bedroom with sweet dreams on the nightstand or dress the dinner table with bon appetit.

Candles for birthday's and cakes!

Yes! You finally found the perfect candles for birthdays and cakes! You can also mix-and-match these letter and number sparkler candles with our other candle tins and create a fun gift box. Why not tell somebody that they are your number 1 candle person? Let's celebrate life!

Letter and number candles

Let's surprise someone with the most delicious birthday cake decorated with their name. Or maybe dress up your dinner table for a special occasion. Our letter & number candle collection has everything you wish for. Let's puzzle away just for fun! Bright up your Monday. Your Tuesday. Everyday. Life is a party! Play with it!

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