You can celebrate every moment with our gift sets. These sets contain the best products and a greeting card from our collection.

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Gift set

These gift sets are made for a special occasion. Surprise someone with a well-designed gift set containing delicious products. We love to inspire you with gifts that care. Choose the occasion or pick one of the gift sets that suit any day. Each set contains products from our collection and a fun greeting card. Leave your message for the card in the checkout and we will add it for you. The products are protected and wrapped in tissue paper. This festive box is gift-wrapped with a bow to make it a party to unwrap, and you can add confetti if you wish.

Natural gift sets

We create gifts that are good for you and our planet. The products in our natural gift sets are vegan and contain no sulfates, dyes or parabens. The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and our collection is produced in The Netherlands. With The Gift Label, you give natural gift sets that care. You can re-use the box to wrap another gift or to store things at home. And you can use the bow to festively wrap something else.

Body care gift set

The possibilities are endless. You can either create a gift set yourself or pick one of the home fragrances and body care gift sets that we designed for you. Choose the quote and design that suit the occasion best. Make your gift personal by choosing something that means something to you and the receiver of your gift. The body care gift sets contain nourishing products in comforting senses. You can give someone a moment for themselves. Or send one of our home fragrances gift sets that create a comforting vibe in anyone’s home.

Luxury gift set

These luxury gift sets give a special feeling to someone. The gift sets are beautifully gift wrapped and will definitely surprise someone. The designs are created with a lot of care. Each season we try to surprise you with newness and meaningful designs. The luxury gift sets are filled with nourishing body care and comforting home fragrances. Choose the combination you love and surprise a loved one. You can also have a look at our pre-made gift boxes for special occasions.

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