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We present to you our happy greeting cards! Forty times fantastic, fabulous and fun! Our cards come with a colored envelope - made from recycled paper - and a fun sticker to seal it. The prints are ridiculously happy and crazy original! Be italicBe bold. But never regular!

  • Recycled envelope

    Recycled envelope

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The most awesome birthday, greetings and wish cards

Send your online birthday, wish and greeting-cards

We designed new greeting cards that are so much fun! We have something for every occasion. One of the most popular ones are the congratulations cards, for example with a new job or new home. You will also find fun birthday cards online at our web shop. But we also have cards for no reason at all, but just because you want to let someone know they rock!

All sorts of cards - sent festively

These cards in our card shop contain an envelope made from recycled plastic and 5 stickers to seal your envelope with. This makes your special birthday cards for friends even more festive!

Combine your card with a personal and complimentary gift

We can also handwrite these greetings cards for you in case you are running out of time to surprise someone. Maybe add one of our other fun gifts to make it extra special? Or have a look at the baby confetti card in case you need something for a baby shower or newborn. Signed, sealed, delivered!

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