Hand soap set

Pimp your kitchen with a hand care set. Surprise someone or treat yourself.

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Hand soap set

Our hands go through all kinds of weather, so it is very important that we take good care of them. At The Gift Label we have products that, in addition to cleaning, also take good care of our hands. With the hand soap set you give your hands the best treatment and give your home a nice touch with the fine hand soap bottles.
With our hand soap set you give your home a luxurious look and feel. The beautiful designs and sweet quotes brighten up your home. In addition, the hand soap sets are completely vegan and free of dyes and sulphates, so that your hands only have the perfect treatment. They are not only good for your skin, but also for our planet. The bottles are made of recycled plastic and are produced in the Netherlands.

Hand soap and hand lotion set

Hand soap already has a permanent place next to the sink, but nothing goes better with hand soap than hand lotion. After washing your hands with hand soap, applying hand lotion provides an extra protective layer on your hands. This way your hands can handle even more and they feel silky soft.
Besides being very good for your hands, it also looks very nice. Match a hand soap set and a hand lotion set by choosing the same design and the same sweet quote. Or spice it up and mix the different designs together for a nice effect. The two bottles immediately give more life to your sink. Because of the nice quote you immediately give the users a nice feeling when washing their hands.

Hand soap en hand cream set 

We also want to make sure that your hands are always cared for as well as possible. That is why the hand soap set is also a nice combination with a hand cream set. So you are always prepared when you are on the road. Your hands have to go through wind and weather, so it is very important that you can rub them regularly. The hand creams are the perfect size to take with you in your bag. So you can rub your hands any time, wherever you are. Besides that the hand cream smells very nice, your hands will feel very soft.

Ordering hand soap set

I think it's time to buy some nice things! Did you feel like ordering a nice hand soap set? If you order from Monday to Friday before 20:00, you will receive it tomorrow. Choose a nice design and combine it with a nice hand lotion or hand cream or both. Wash those hands!

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