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Your body loves you! Love it back with our delicious body care products. You can create your own party when you mix-and-match the different, happy labels from our vegan body wash, lotion and scrub! Be amazing today. Happiness looks good on you. And oh la la, you look so good!



  • 100% vegan

    100% vegan

  • Contains Argan oil and vitamin E

    Contains Argan oil and vitamin E

  • Made in The Netherlands

    Made in The Netherlands

  1. Gift set - Soft skin is always in
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  2. Body cream - Hi tiger
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  4. Body cream - Paradise found
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  5. Body foam - Paradise found
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  6. Body scrub - Paradise found
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Body and skin care products

The Gift Label has a delicious body care line! Our products don't only smell heavenly; they also look super happy with the funky labels. We have something for every occasion. This line has several skincare products! Our body wash, body lotion, and Himalayan body scrub are made with the best ingredients and sulfate and dye free. And our latest arrival is our lip balm!

Natural body and skin care products

These natural skincare products are vegan and made in Holland. The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. Our body wash, and body lotion is available in the scent of mandarin musk. And we recently designed a body wash for men with the smell of woody chypre and funky labels just for him. Well designed products that smell delicious and nourish your body; to us, this combination is basically what the best skincare is about.

Skin care gift sets

The products from our body care line are easy to mix-and-match. This way, you can make beautiful skincare gift sets that are fun to gift someone you like! And you can even add a sweet greeting card with these skincare sets. We can also write the card for you!

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