Hand soap

Your hands never take a day off, treat them well. Our hand soap is vegan and smells like kumquat & bourbon vanilla. Life is sweet! Our bottles are made of recycled plastic and you can mix-and-match the funky labels with our hand lotions or other products. Do what makes your soul shine! High five, babes.

  • Bottle 100% recycled

    Bottle 100% recycled

  • Made in Holland

    Made in Holland

  • 100% vegan

    100% vegan

  • Free from sulfates and dyes

    Free from sulfates and dyes

  1. Make it complete with

    Hand lotion

  2. Hand soap - Use me
  3. Hand soap - Warm hug
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  8. Handsoap OHW Valentine
  9. Hand soap - Mom awesome
  10. Vegan handsoap
  11. Vegan handsoap
  12. Paraben free handsoap
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  15. vegan handzeep Hangover hotel

Our vegan hand soap is so delicious! We have put a lot of care in this organic liquid hand soap and used the best ingredients. 

This luxury hand soap is available in the scent of Kumquat & Bourbon Vanilla. The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and funky and sweet colorful labels. Fun to give; fun to receive. And this liquid hand soap looks so good in your kitchen or bathroom. 

We think a hand soap gift is something that is always appreciated. We are sure you can keep gifting this over and over again as a hand soap refill. And we also have a beautiful hand soap and lotion gift set.