Hand soap

Our vegan hand soap consists of soft ingredients for the skin. This makes washing your hands a little party.

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Hand soap

One of our best-selling gifts is this nourishing and delicious hand soap. Our vegan hand soap with the scent Kumquat & Bourbon vanilla is sulphate-free. We have a special edition for men in the scent Woody Chypre. Our hand soap is produced in The Netherlands with 500ml bottles made from 100% recycled plastic. This hand soap has an easy dispenser, so you always have the right amount of soap on your hands. We try to inspire you with beautiful designs. You have the possibility to buy a personal gift by choosing the print and quote on the bottle.

Organic hand soap

This delicious organic hand soap is made just for you and contains no sulphates and dyes. Our natural hand soap is vegan and smells like kumquat & bourbon vanilla. We have put a lot of care into this organic hand soap and used good ingredients. This natural hand soap is so soft that it doesn't give you dry hands at all. This way you can clean your hands as much as you want without getting dry skin. In need of some extra nourished hands? The Gift Label hand lotion is perfect to take care of your hands in combination with this hand soap.

Luxury hand soap

This luxury hand soap is so soft and foamy. The beautifully designed prints and uplifting quotes of the labels make it a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. Fun to give; fun to receive. The liquid hand soap is a true eye-catcher for your kitchen and bathroom and gives an exclusive feel to your home. Combine the bottles of hand soap with one of our hand lotions to finish the look.

Hand soap set

We think a hand soap is something that will always be appreciated as a gift. You can never have too much, right? We are sure you can keep gifting this hand soap set repeatedly. Why just give a hand soap when you can gift a hand lotion with it? We made some special hand soap sets with hand soap and hand lotion to keep the giving going. In the mood for something creative? Choose your own vegan hand soap and hand lotion and get it gift wrapped by us. We can add a personal card to your gift as well and add confetti.

Hand soap

Your hands never take a day off, treat them well. Our hand soap is vegan and smells like kumquat & bourbon vanilla. Life is sweet! Our bottles are made of recycled plastic and you can mix-and-match the funky labels with our hand lotions or other products. Do what makes your soul shine! High five, babes.

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