Body wash

Let's have a party in the bathroom, 'cause it's show(er) time! Our vegan body wash is sulfate and dye-free and smells so good. It will fill your bath or shower with the delicious mandarin musk scent and funky music! The recycled plastic bottles have the coolest quotes and beautiful designs. You will rock this day, fabulous babe.

  • 100% vegan

    100% vegan

  • Bottle 100% recycled

    Bottle 100% recycled

  • Made in The Netherlands

    Made in The Netherlands

Natural shower gel and body wash

The Gift Label body wash is so delicious! Our shower gel is vegan and smells like mandarin & muskus. We have a big collection of prints and labels for any occasion. Create your own gift set with the shower gel and body lotion and make someone smile. Fun to give for birthdays or maybe whenever someone needs a spa moment!

Natural, organic and vegan body wash / shower gel

Our vegan shower gel is sulfate and dye free. The bottles are made in The Netherlands from 100% recycled plastic. We used different ingredients for this natural body wash that nourish your skin. The luxury of soft skin with the body care products of The Gift Label. Take a shower or bath with the natural and organic shower gel and hydrate your skin with the vegan body lotion or body cream.

Keep giving with luxury shower gel

This vegan shower gel is perfect as a gift for everyone. You can create your own party when you mix-and-match the different, happy labels from our luxury shower gel, body lotion, and scrub! And we just launched a body wash for men with woody chypre scent that was specially designed for him! Luxury and fun all at once!! 

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