Our beauty collection consists of various natural beauty products that are good for you and our planet.

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Vegan beauty products

These vegan beauty products are made with great care. The vegan beauty collection consists of various vegan beauty products. Our lip balm and hand lotion tube are caring for the skin and come in a minipackage. So you can easily take it with you in your bag or on a trip. The body mist comes in five different scents, so you can use something for every mood. These vegan beauty products are also ideal as a nice gift to someone who deserves it.

Vegan friendly beauty products

Our beauty collection consists of vegan friendly beauty products that are good for you and for nature. The tubes and bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic and sugarcane based plastic. In this way, we try to keep our footprint as small as possible. The ingredients for these vegan friendly beauty products are selected with great love. We only want to make natural beauty products that are good for the skin. The hand lotion tube contains avocado oil and cupuaçu butter. The lip balm is made on the basis of vegetarian oils, such as castor oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and shea butter.

Vegan beauty box

Our vegan beauty products can add something to the styling of your home or bathroom. The beauty care collection has different designs with prints and quotes on the label. You can choose which design suits you best. You can buy our different beauty care products and combine them in a vegan beauty box. Make a wonderful combination with different beauty products, or select a pre-made vegan beauty box. The quotes on the designs can surprise you every day by giving you an uplifting mood.

Online beauty products

You can combine our online beauty products in all kinds of ways. Make a delicious combination with some online beauty products, or choose one of the vegan beauty boxes. Treat yourself or someone else who deserves it with these online beauty products that are good for you and nature. Order our beauty care online and we will deliver it as soon as possible to you or, in case it is a gift, to the receiver. When ordering our beauty care online, you can add a cute greeting card to your order and make the gift extra personal by writing a loving message on the card. We will festively gift wrap it for you, and you can even add confetti to your gift.

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