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The vegan hand lotion takes care of your skin and makes your hands really soft. Give your hands a little extra love.

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Natural hand lotion

Our hand lotion is good for you and good for our planet. We produce it locally in The Netherlands and use 100% recycled plastic bottles. This natural hand lotion is vegan and free from parabens. It comes in a 250ml bottle. It nourishes the skin with shea butter, macadamia oil, and hazelnut oil to keep your skin moisturized. The formula of these oils makes it a lovely hand lotion that you can easily recommend to almost anyone who wants soft hands. This is a great hand lotion for frequently washed hands. We recommend you to also have a look at our hand cream tube. You will never have another day of dry hands if you use this hand lotion.

Hand lotion with pump

This hand lotion with a pump nurtures your hands and smells delicious. The pump makes sure you can use this hand lotion in a sustainable way: you never have too much or too little lotion on your hands. Simply open it when you receive this hand lotion and use it for a very long time.

Luxury hand lotion 

This hand lotion creates an exclusive vibe in your bathroom or kitchen. A real eye-catcher with the scent kumquat & bourbon vanilla to comfort your senses. The different prints have uplifting quotes. This way you can choose the design that suits you. Or choose what kind of feeling you want to gift to a friend. This luxury hand lotion is a wonderful gift when you want to take care of someone. Let them know what you think about him or her.

Hand lotion gift sets

You can find something for any occasion with our hand lotions or hand lotion gift sets. Our hand care line also has cute hand lotion gift sets if you are looking for something unique. You can easily mix-and-match this hand lotion with any of our other products or design a hand soap and lotion set yourself. These hand lotion gift sets are the perfect gift if you want to surprise a friend. Add a cute greeting card to your order and make the gift extra personal by writing a loving message on the card. We will festively gift wrap it for you.

Hand lotion

Nourish those beautiful hands. They make magic! Our vegan hand lotion smells like kumquat & bourbon vanilla. Our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and have sweet, funny labels. We hope your life is as smooth as your skin. Be your own reason to smile!

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