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Let your house smell lovely with the room spray from The Gift Label. Spread an oasis of fragrance!

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Room fragrance spray

This room fragrance spray is available in the scent Pomelo & Black Pepper. This home spray is produced in The Netherlands and comes in a 500 ml bottle. The bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. With this room fragrance spray, we would love to offer you inspiration to create a home with comforting vibes. You can use it in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, basically anywhere. Spray this room fragrance when you have a dinner party or gift it to someone who bought a new house.

Room scent spray

For this room scent spray, we used good ingredients and put a love of care in our product. We design products that are good for you and nature. Our vegan room spray scent is made to comfort your senses in any possible way. You can use the pump to use the right amount of spray. This way you can use the room spray for a long-lasting period. A sustainable way of giving extra comforting vibes to your home.

Luxury room spray

This luxury scent spray comes in many different designs. You can choose the one that suits you best. This luxury room spray is also perfect to combine with any of our other room fragrances products. Create a gift set with a reed diffuser or scented candle and gift someone an entire home fragrance ritual. The reed diffuser even has the same fragrance as the scent spray. The quotes are uplifting, and the designs add luxury to your home.

Fragrance room spray

This fragrance room spray is the perfect gift to send to someone. Choose a quote and print of your choice to gift someone a warm feeling. We have so many designs to choose from. We also created some wonderful home spray gift sets for you. Or we challenge you to combine one of our home fragrances yourself. It’s also possible to make a combination with one of our body care products. You can order this fragrance room spray online and we will deliver it to you as soon as possible. You can also have it delivered to the receiver of this gift. We can wrap the gift festively for you and even add confetti. You can add a greeting card and a personally written note to make your gift even more personal.

Home Spray

Let's design a life we love. Our home fragrances don't only smell good; they also look fabulous in your house. The prints are beautifully designed and come with uplifting quotes. Send a big hug! The perfect gift with the scent of pomelo & black pepper for someone who deserves it!

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