Home spray

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Let's design a life we love. Our home fragrances don't only smell good; they also look fabulous in your house. The prints are crazy colorful and come with endearing or funny quotes. Only damn good vibes! The perfect gift to yourself or someone else that rocks!

  • Made in Holland

    Made in Holland

  • Bottle 100% recycled

    Bottle 100% recycled

  • 100% vegan

    100% vegan

  1. Home spray - Amour
    Home spray - Amour
  2. Home spray - Big hug
    Home spray - Big hug
  3. Home spray You rock
    Home spray You rock
  4. Home spray You are awesome
    Home spray You are awesome
  5. The Gift Label-room spray-hugs-and-kisses-web packshot.jpg
    Home spray Hugs And Kisses
  6. Make it complete with

    Reed diffuser

  7. The Gift Label-home spray-wild-and-wonder-web packshot.jpg
    Home spray Wild and Wonder
  8. The Gift Label-room spray-damn-good-vibes-web packshot.jpg
    Home spray Damn Good Vibes
  9. The Gift Label-room spray-kiss-kiss-web packshot.jpg
    Home spray Kiss Kiss
  10. The Gift Label-room spray-paradise-found-web packshot.jpg
    Home spray - Paradise Found
  11. The Gift Label-room spray-you-rock-web packshot.jpg
    Home spray - You Rock
  12. The Gift Label-room spray-stay-fabulous-web packshot.jpg
    Home spray - Stay Fabulous
  13. The Gift Label-room spray-thank-you-web packshot.jpg
    Home spray - Thank You
  14. The Gift Label-roomspray-awesome-person-web packshot.jpg
    Home spray - Most Awesome Person
  15. The Gift Label-room spray-warm-hug-web packshot.jpg
    Home spray - Warm Hug
  16. The Gift Label-home spray-home-is-happy-web packshot.jpg
    Home spray - Home Is Happy
  17. The Gift Label-home spray-wild-and-wonder-web packshot.jpg
    Home spray Wild and Wonder

These natural home fragrances will make your home smell delicious! This is the best air freshener for every room. You can use it in the kitchen, the living room, or as a bathroom air freshener.

The air freshener spray is available in the scent of fresh cotton or jasmine vanilla, the perfect home scents. Our bottles are made from recycled plastic and made in Holland.

This home fragrance diffuser comes in a 500 ml bottle and has funky, happy labels which gives your home so much coziness besides the amazing scent.

We at The Gift Label think this happy, delicious product is the best home fragrance!