Kitchen cleaning soap

The dishes are looking at me dirty again... Note to self: this kitchen cleaning soap with funky, happy labels is not just for decoration. It smells delicious and is free from animal products, parabens, sulfates, and dyes. Let's get ready for the next adventure! Meals and memories are made here! Enjoy life. It's delicious. 

  • 100% vegan

    100% vegan

  • Biodegradable


  • Bottle 100% recycled

    Bottle 100% recycled

  • Free from sulfates and dyes

    Free from sulfates and dyes

  • Made in The Netherlands

    Made in The Netherlands

Washing up liquid

‘How to make washing up liquid?’ Why would you do that when you can buy it from us – with the cutes packaging! The kitchen line of The Gift Label has lovely bottles with Dish Soap in the scent sandalwood & vjjg and have original labels with nice texts. That makes washing just a bit more fun!

Biological, neutral and vegan washing up liquid

Biological, neutral and vegan washing up liquid! This neutral washing up liquid is vegan and biodegradable. It is free from sulfates and dyes and the bottles are made from recycled plastic.

The coolest and most usefull washing up liquid dispenser

The coolest and most useful washing up liquid dispenser. Nice as a gift for a housewarming or when you eat with someone. Or in combination with delicious Himalayan table salt chunks in a gift box!

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