Kitchen cleaning soap

Our biodegradable kitchen cleaning soap works and smells great. Create a luxurious look & feel in your kitchen.

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Dishwashing liquid

This luxury dishwashing liquid is more than just a dishwashing liquid. Thanks to the beautiful labels, it can add something to the styling of your countertop. So, you no longer have to put detergent in an ugly bottle on the kitchen counter. Buy this luxurious dishwashing liquid from The Gift Label and give an extra touch to the atmosphere in your kitchen. In addition to a beautiful styling, this dishwashing liquid can add even more to your home. The scent of Sandalwood & Fig fills your kitchen with delicious scent notes. The dishwashing liquid cleans well, but at the same time ensures that you can enjoy doing the dishes. In addition, you can also wipe the kitchen counter with this dishwashing liquid to remove dirty stains and sticky spots. Dishwashing liquid may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you want to give someone a present. However, this luxury dishwashing liquid from The Gift Label is the perfect gift. Because of the beautiful design with unique prints and nice quotes on the label, you can give someone a nice feeling. Every time he or she uses this luxurious dishwashing liquid in the kitchen. This way you give someone a gift with a message that is also very pleasant to use. There are different designs to choose from, so that you can make your gift even more personal.

Eco-friendly dishwashing liquid

At The Gift Label, we try to make products that are good for you and for nature. This eco-friendly dishwashing liquid is vegan and free of sulfates and dyes. The bottles of this eco-friendly dishwashing liquid are made from 100% recycled plastic, so that we can reduce our footprint in this way. We select the ingredients carefully and try to do as little damage as possible to the world. The pump of this eco-friendly dishwashing liquid ensures that you get exactly the right amount of detergent with one push. This way you don't have to waste any eco-friendly dishwashing liquid and can use this product in a sustainable way.

Dishwashing liquid soap

You can combine our different hand and body care products in all kinds of ways. Make a delicious combination with this dishwashing liquid soap and other items, or choose one of the dishwashing liquid soap gift sets. Treat yourself or someone else who deserves it with a dishwashing liquid soap that is good for you and nature. Order our dishwashing liquid soap online and we will deliver it as soon as possible to you or in case it is a gift, to the receiver. When ordering our gifts online, you can add a cute greeting card to your order and make the gift extra personal by writing a loving message on the card. We will festively gift wrap it for you, and you can even add confetti to your gift.

Kitchen cleaning soap

The dishes are looking at me dirty again... Note to self: this kitchen cleaning soap with funky, happy labels is not just for decoration. It smells delicious and is free from animal products, parabens, sulfates, and dyes. Let's get ready for the next adventure! Meals and memories are made here! Enjoy life. It's delicious. 

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