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Spring / Summer '24 Collection

Find the perfect gift for a special someone! 

STUDIO Collection

This collection is for those who always seek innovation in their day-to-day life. Be bold, unique, and fresh!

We care about a better world

The essence of giving is unconditional and never stops; giving and giving back is a loop of human kindness. With our products, we would like to inspire others to give more, and we try to lead by example by giving whenever we can. We do not only provide beautiful products but also make the world a better place.


Produced with 100% recyclable plastic and with a lot of love for our planet.  

In The Netherlands

Our care products are produced in The Netherlands, close to home. 


All our products are vegan and cruelty-free. Keep on giving, responsibly.  

For each other

Our products are made for everyone, with an eye for pleasant and easy use.  

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