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Newborn baby and baby shower gifts

A maternity gift does not have to be difficult at all! The Gift Label has designed a special Baby Line with lots of great baby products that are lovely for a mum-to-be gift or just to pamper your own little one. Our baby care products do not contain parabens, so we only use the best ingredients in our baby line. This way you only use the very best for your little one's delicate baby skin. You can combine the baby products and make different baby gift sets. We have baby boy gifts and baby girl gifts when you are looking for cool gifts for expecting mothers.

Don’t forget the mum-to-be gifts

Our pregnancy gifts are made in Holland and do not contain parabens, sulfates, dyes, silicones, or phenoxyethanol. And we added something
new to the baby toiletries box, a delicious baby body milk free of mineral oils,
colorants, and allergens. Perfect as presents for a newborn baby boy or girl or as a mum-to-be gift. We also have a room spray that is free of allergens and the scent soothes your little one around bedtime. The products of the baby line smell wonderfully like a combination of roses, sandalwood, and irises. To celebrate all-new adventures, we have designed
super sweet greeting cards. Here you can put on all wishes and messages for the baby or the mum to be. This also makes it a personal and original maternity gift. And we can even write and send the card for you. Our baby line has plenty of great products for when you are looking for a nice maternity gift idea or baby shower gifts! We are almost certain that the baby and the mother will be happy with the maternity gift!

Personalized baby gifts for baby boys and girls

Our original labels on baby products make it a perfect newborn baby gift. The labels have the best quotes and prints on them, such as ‘Sweet little sunshine’ or ‘Way too cute’. That makes it an extra original maternity gift! Because we have so many nice quotes on the packaging, there is always one that appeals to you personally. The best part is that all baby care products are free from parabens. That is very nice for sensitive baby skin. You can choose a baby boy gift with a nice quote like: '' Boy Oh Boy '' or a baby girl gift with the text: '' New girl in town ''. But we also have a lot of neutral quotes on the labels of our baby gifts such as: '' Bubbly baby '' and '' Happy little handsome ''. By combining the products and adding an appropriate card, you have a perfect personalized baby gift. Every mom to be will be happy with that! 


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Because your little ones are made out of stardust and wishes, we designed our baby line with a lot of care. The products are vegan, made in The Netherlands, and come in one delicious scent based on roses, sandalwood, and fresh iris. The allergen-free perfumed room spray calms your baby at bedtime. And to celebrate their new adventures, we designed some very cute confetti greeting cards. Do all things with love!
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