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Find the perfect hand-, hair-, and body care for your business. The Gift Label now comes with a new collection for hospitality businesses. This collection is specially designed for your hospitality business and contain finve dirrerent products: hand soap, hand- and body lotion, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. The products can be personalized with the name of your business. Get inspired! We have several designs to choose from. Find out which products fit your company!

In case you are interested, we can help you with looking for the best offer. Please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
· the name of your company
· what kind of hospitality business
· how many products it may concern
· what kind of products you are looking for

We would like to get in touch and see the possibilities for cooperation between your company and The Gift Label.

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Create beautiful sets with the body care products from The Gift Label. Use the scrub to renew the skin, start a shower party with our body wash or body foam, and nourish your skin with the body cream. All these products are vegan as well and they smell delicious! Enjoy!


Men can’t stay behind! The Gift Label has a delicious collection for him. Both body wash and body foam come in different prints, they are vegan, and smell like woody chypre.


Choose the products you want to create your own gift set. We’ll take care of the wrapping!

Body mist

A new product from The Gift Label to love: the body mist – mood booster. A delicious body mist available in five different scents. The mood booster fits your bag easily, take it everywhere you go! Want to learn more?

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