This Mom I love your awesomeness gift box is filled with delicious vegan hand care products that she can use every day. Let's take a walk on the wild side! Scroll all the way down to find 10 tips on what to write to her and what to do for Mother's day this year. 


Top 10 Mother's day tips

Tip 1.

Maybe she needs a spa moment to recharge. Fill the bathtub with Filled with love body wash and light some big candle tins that say I call you the most awesome person on the planet. Combine with a glass of wine and all Mother's day wishes are fulfilled! Pour yourself one too, you deserve it..

Tip 2.

Surprise the soon-to-be-moms with breakfast in bed. Orange juice, croissants, and some fresh boiled salty eggs. She is eating for two! Check out our shaving salt labeled with short happy Mother's day poems like Warm Hugs or You Rock. Two presents in one! Bon appetite!

Tip 3.

If you need ideas on what to write in a Mother's day card, why not say it with a simple, short and sweet Mother's day quote? Check our products for some inspiration and borrow the ones we came up with. Remember, no matter what you write... she will love you unconditionally. However, a Mother's day meme like Together is always better will definitely do... Promise!

Tip 4.

Make her a special craftwork together with your little one. The ones made with finger paint are always the most fun Mother's day cards to make. When you're done, you can use soap and lotions from The Gift Label baby line to clean those tiny, jumpy feet. And probably everything else...

Tip 5.

How about this tip for unusual Mother's day gifts: a delicious home spray with sweet labels like Hugs & Kisses or Warm Hug. This way her home smells lovely and it reminds her of you.

Tip 6.

Let her know that she is always on your mind with an eye-catching take away mug to start her day with. Everywhere she goes she will read your Mother's day message; You are such a number one, thanks a million. And even better, she can brag about you! Check out the page for other labels.

Tip 7.

If she is a cooking queen make her happy with a colorful tomato plant, lemon tree or something else to help her grow vegetables and herbs. And you can benefit from it as well next time you come over for dinner ;-). Spice up your gift with a mother's day cards message as found in many of our greeting cards saying You are my superhero or I love you more than all the stars.

Tip 8.

When you aren't the best in writing a Mother's day poem, surprise her by doing the dishes. Let's make it more fun by gifting a kitchen cleaning soap with funky labels. Put some nice flowers next to it, that's always appreciated. Let it shine! Or as the label on the bottles says: Stay fabulous.

Tip 9.

When you want to spoil your best friend for being such an awesome new mom, don't hesitate to give her a room spray from our baby line. It relaxes and calms her baby at bedtime and that might be one of the best gifts to her ever. Welcome, little one.

Tip 10.

And to all the heroic, powerful women who would love to become a mom someday, we think about you too! Surprise her with something delicious from our webshop or say it with a card: Let's make it pop like pink champagne!

Happy mother's Day!

It is that time of the year to show our moms how awesome they are! Or maybe you want to tell your grandmother that she rocks. And what about your friend who is going to be a mom pretty soon or your girl who just became a kick-ass mama. Oh yes, it is time to celebrate Mother's day! Uh wait, what? If you were asking yourself "when is Mother's day 2019"? No stress, you still have time to order Mother's day presents. To help you find the best Mother's day gifts, we came up with some funky Mother's day gift ideas. Oh, and pssst, no matter if you are celebrating Mother's day 2019 UK or USA style, everywhere it's on the twelfth of May! Luckily, we ship worldwide ;-) Check our top 10 Mother's Day tips where you'll find inspiration on Mother's Day gift sets, Mother's Day cards and much more. Happy Mother's Day!