Kitchen shave salt

Kitchen rules: kiss the cook, eat your veggies, and live life with a little spice! Our pink shaving salt is mined at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. Unrefined and pure natural. Shaving it your self makes it fresh and tasty, and it will let your dish feel special today! So delicious! Let's season your kitchen with love! 

  • Organic


  • 100% vegan

    100% vegan

  • Grater included

    Grater included

Chunks pink Himalayn salt

This pink Himalayan sea salt is a must-have for your kitchen!

The best Himalayan salt

The chunks of pink sea salt come with a small rasp so you can shave your own Himalayan salt. Super fresh pink sea salt on your plate. What more can you wish for?

Himalayan salt benefits

Pink Himalayan sea salt is more healthy than regular table salt. Himalayan sea salt helps regulate your blood sugar and hormone balance. Himalayan sea salt also improves digestion. You can even use the pink sea salt als a bath soak.

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