Wiep Boers

Meet Dutch Blogger Wiep Boers! She combines our lifestyle products with unique fashion brands. "Apart from living in Amsterdam and having the coolest job as a paralegal at one of the largest law firms, I, Wiep Boers, have another great passion: blogging and spotting the latest trends ! A year ago I started making and posting innovative photos on Instagram which suddenly became a hit ! I love taking pictures and searching for innovative items and inspiring people. A little crazy but trendy, that’s what I like and that’s what matches all the way with The Gift Label! Because of my busy life, the Coffee Cup fits perfectly. It’s my all time favourite! Not only does it support me in the mornings , it also works for the picture :) Yes, a real bloggers – item they call it ! I am definitely going to try the TGL Roomspray in my new home ! Anyway, when you’re looking for a great gift, then TGL products are the way to go !
Lots of love! "

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