"I've got too many candles," said no one ever. Let's make it cozy in the bedroom or crazy in the kitchen. Our candle tins have funky labels. Made with 100% essential soy oils. So good and so delicious! Perfect as a gift to yourself or someone else. Leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

  • Free from sulfates and dyes

    Free from sulfates and dyes

  • Bottle 100% recycled

    Bottle 100% recycled

  1. The Gift Label-small candle tin-you-look-web packshot.jpg
    Small Candle Tin You Look
  2. The Gift Label-small candle tin-you-rock-web packshot.jpg
    Small Candle Tin You Rock
  3. The Gift Label-small candle tin-time-to-shine-web packshot.jpg
    Small Candle Tin Time To Shine
  4. The Gift Label-small candle tin-paradise-found-web packshot.jpg
    Small Candle Tin Paradise Found
  5. The Gift Label-small candle tin-burn-baby-web packshot.jpg
    Small Candle Tin Burn Baby Burn
  6. Soy wax candle tin
    Small Candle Tin Wild And Wonder
  7. The Gift Label-small candle tin-wild-side-web packshot.jpg
    Small Candle Tin Walk Wild Side
  8. The Gift Label-small candle tin-hugs-and-kisses-web packshot.jpg
    Candle small - Hugs And Kisses
  9. The Gift Label-small candle tin-don't-burn-web packshot.jpg
    Small Candle Tin Don't Burn
  10. The Gift Label-small candle tin-damn-good-web packshot.jpg
    Small Candle Tin Damn Good Vibes
  11. The Gift Label-big candle tin-you-look-web packshot.jpg
    Big Candle Tin You Look
  12. The Gift Label-big candle tin-you-rock-web packshot.jpg
    Big Candle Tin You Rock

The Gift Label has a lot of delicious vegan candles. Each candle tin has its own happy and funky label. We have something for every occasion. These luxury candles are fun to gift to someone or to spoil yourself. 

Our scented candles are available in the scents Jasmin Vanilla and Fresh Cotton. So delicious! These soy candles are made with pure extracts and are available in small and big candle tins. 

We also have some cute number and letter candles. Easy to combine with our candle tins in a cute candle gift set. Or choose one of our other products to make fun candle gift sets, for example, with our home fragrances.